4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera: cuddles and relax

4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera: booking for massages, solarium by the pool, panoramic terrace…if all this isn't enough dedicate a day to the Sirmione Spas.

We all have the right to take some time just for us, far away from the stress, from work and from daily duties. We generally wait for our holidays to allow ourselves some peace and tranquility…but what if we double the dose and take ourselves off to a unique Thermal Spa during our holidays?
Villa Florida is a fantastic 4 star hotel situated in Gardone Riviera, on the shores of Lake Garda. The beauty of this territory, completely dominated by nature, is extraordinary. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in a corner of paradise…coloured and scented with typical flowers of the Mediterranean vegetation. The services offered by our 4 star hotel on Lake Garda could already satisfy your desires: sunbathing in the pool area, panoramic terrace, massage booking and much more…but if you want something more specific, 45 km from our hotel are the Terme di Sirmione (Sirmione Spas), famous in all Europe.
Massages, thermal spa water that rises at 69° C, indoor and outdoor pools, hydro-massage, sauna and Turkish baths, emotional trails with water, the music room and the salt room…how can you miss out on all this? Why not dedicate a day of your holidays at our 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera Villa Florida to the Thermal Spa in Sirmione?
A holiday on Lake Garda will be just what your body and mind need. Choose this 4 star hotel in Gardone Riviera and the surprises will never end.


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